Facebook secret tool that unlocks HIDDEN interests

AI Interest is a powerful tool that helps you reach more relevant people when advertising in Facebook. Getting your ad’s in front of the right people and lowering your costs.

Adverting on facebook can be tough if you’re not getting your ad in front of the right people

Does this sound familiar…

You spend alot of time making sure you have the perfect picture, you are really happy that the wording speaks to your perfect customer so you set your budget and and publish your ad.

You check you stats in facebook a few days later and you can see that you have reached lots of people and your budget is being spent but you have not had any one actually sign up yet!

But you think “well maybe it just takes a couple of days to get going” so you leave it and another few days pass, you check your stats again and its the same story, your ad is being shown, your budget is being spent but your not getting anything…

If your ad is not shown to the right people it will never work

That is why we created AI Interest, its a really simple tool that lets you find thousands of previously hidden interests so that you can get your ad in front of the right people.

Facebook will only show you 25 interests

So even if there are hundreds of interests that you could be targeting facebook choose to only show you 25 of those which limits you on your targeting and it also means you are targeting the exact same interests that the millions of other advertisers are.

AI Interest shows you all of them

Using facebook marketing API we are able to unlock all the interests that you can target for any keyword or phrase, so if you wanted to target people interested in “Diets” and you use the standard ad interest targeting tool you would have 25 to choose from but using AI Interest you now have 70, that nearly three times as many interests!

Here is what you get when you sign up


Lifetime access to the AI Interest tool

You pay just this one low price and the tool is your forever. We will also include any updates and improvements to the tool.


Full training

Once you purchase we want you to make the most of the tool so we have a training library that shows you how to use the tool and also how to then implement into your facebook ad.


Ongoing support

If you have any question or are having any issue using the tool or understanding how it works you can reach out to our support team, we also have a support section that answers all your questions.

RM480 (Lifetime Access)

Still not sure… See our FAQ’s below

I still have some questions

Ok no problem, there whatsapp us now button and phone number at top right screen, just click on it and type in your questions/concerns and one of the team will help you.

What devices required to install this software?

It runs on windows pc / laptop. (Supports windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10)

Are you compliant with Facebook's policies?

Yes, we use facebook own marketing API which was created by facebook so that developers could make useful tools like this one.

Do you give me training on how to use the tool?

Yes, we can shows you how to use the tool by teamviewer and also how to then add the interests into your facebook ads campaign.

RM480 (Lifetime Access)